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Do You Need an Extension Strap?

How to Measure

 Take a string and wrap it around the leg of the stand where you plan to place the Pedal-lock.  Run the string across the floor to the other leg, then wrap it around the leg and measure the total length of the string.  The total length of the Pedal-lock is 42" but you need a minimum of 3" to 4" of overlap.  If the string measures over 38", We recommend purchasing an extension strap to go along with your order.  It is recommended you measure this way because the "fatter" the legs of the stand that the straps must go around, the shorter the floor length of the straps.  Each stand is different, and the total measured length is what the Pedal-lock will actually encompass.  It is better to have the strap if it is close to 38", because the extra overlap it will provide will also make the strap very sturdy and allow for expansion in the future. 

The Pedal-lock installed with an extension strap on a Yamaha DGX-620.
The Pedal-lock installed with an extension strap on a Yamaha DGX-620.

Other Installation types

Pedal-lock on a Steel Guitar.


The Pedal-lock installed on an angle on a steel guitar.  This required a vertical wrap around the leg and a horizontal angle wrap around the back of the steel guitar. 

Pedal-lock on a Sewing Machine


This Pedal-lock installation required two vertical wraps around two legs.  This also could have been placed across the two back legs, either  pair of side legs or diagonally from one front leg to a back leg on opposite sides. The 2"X4" adhesive piece can be trimmed to fit and placed on the side or back of the foot pedal.