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More Productive Mornings



Another morning of sitting down at my DAW workstation and fishing for my expression and sustain pedals with my feet and I remembered the little yellow envelope I had sitting on my desk that came in the mail yesterday.
5 minutes later my three pedals have created a happy little arc (due to the pull on the band) and don’t seem like they are going anywhere ever again.  Thanks!  Scott M. NY

 Hi. I have been using your pedal-lock adaptor on my keyboard stand now for over a month.

It works just as advertised and you don't even notice it is there. I am very pleased with it. No more chasing the pedal as it walks away from you while you are playing. Thanks for making such a practical add-on. I should add that I am a professional piano technician in my 40th year so I see lots of pedals!  Best of luck, Chris F. NY  Sounds of Peace Music for Healing and Wellness

Old Problem Finally Solved


 I needed this 25 years ago :-)
E. Reginald R.II VA 

Hey Pedal Lock, bought one for my Kawai   MP11.  Anytime I used the sustain pedal a lot, it would slide on the carpet in my studio. Pedal Lock fixed that! Very smart concept and it works perfectly.   Thank You!!!  Vance D. , Oregon 

 Dear Pedal-Lock! I am a professional keyboard player in Baton Rouge, and I play 4-7 gigs per week. I have used your product for 4 weeks now and it works great! I leave it attached to my folding keyboard stand, and when I set up many times twice a day, I just unfold my stand and there it is, ready to go. When I plug in my sustain pedal and drum machine on/off switch, I just place them on the Pedal-Lock and they stay perfectly in place all night! What a great product! It really works well!

Larry Turner - Band Aid Entertainment

Answer to Prayer



Hi. I am letting you know my feedback on this item.  I have to say that this is like a prayer being answered. For so long I have wrestled with my pedal and sometimes in awkward moments during my performance just because my pedal doesn’t stay still in one place. I play indoors and outdoors and it’s always the same problem. I used it this Thanksgiving weekend during our services and I was very happy the pedal stayed always in the same place.  This is great and I’m going to pass the word on to my fellow musicians. Thanks. Here I’m including a photo of my setup.  I just referred your website to a Facebook group I’m in, called Worship Musicians Español, someone was asking if there is a pedal made of the same material as Thor’s hammer so it won’t slip. :)  Regards  -Jorge P. PR

 We love our Pedal-Lock with the extension strap on our Yamaha DCX620!

Gina P. - Tulsa, OK

Pedal-lock = Happy Camper

 I received it (Pedal-lock) a couple of days ago. I was unhappy at first as I didn’t think it would fit. Length of my legs is 32”. By stretching for all it was worth I managed to get the two straps connected with about an inch overlap. Went ahead and affixed the loop patch to the pedal and was amazed that the installation was rock solid. Lots of test pedaling plus playing and the pedal hasn’t moved. I’m a very happy camper. Great product.  Steve B. WA  

 Hi, I just ordered my second pedal-lock strap to use on an additional keyboard stand I use in my rig. It’s an easy, simple, low cost solution to a common problem for most keyboard players. It’s doing the job well for me. I’ve shown it to several other players and they want to order it too.  It certainly beats sticking the pedals to the floor like many of us have done for years.  Thanks for bringing it to market!  Regards, Michael H. Houston, TX

Simple & Portable with Ease

  Hello, I love my Pedal-Lock!  I have never had another minute of frustration with my damper pedal moving since I got my Pedal-Lock.  It is very simple to attach to my keyboard stand.  I love that I can leave it on when I fold up my keyboard stand as well.  Such a simple invention that really made my life so much easier when playing my keyboard in church and other activities. Thank You! Debra C. CA 

  Dear> > Thank you so much for this inventive and extremely useful product. Pedal-lock has made a world of difference with my performance this morning. My pedal didn’t move one bit and has been solid in its place. I just installed it in less than five minutes. I will be purchasing another one to take on my weekend gigs. > > Thanks again for a great product.  Andre T.  Florissant, MO 

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LA + Love = 2!

  I just want you to know that I am so impressed with the Pedal-Lock, that I bought a second just a couple of weeks after I bought the first. I have encouraged my fellow musicians make the small investment and purchase their own.  Thank You!!     Dr. James R., Minister of Music / Worship Leader, Los Angeles 

 I love the Pedal-Lock. It is ideal! What a great idea you have had. Anyone that plays a keyboard needs one. Thank you for sharing with me. Blessings on you. Kim G. - Worship Leader/Keyboardist


Hi Trolene,   

I am very impressed with your product...problem solved after years of slipping & sliding like a dream.  Kind regards, Kevin G. Keyboard player with the Brent Payne Band L.A. California