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Pedal-lock Installation Video

Check out the easy, quick, 1 minute installation of the Pedal-lock on a keyboard stand with a Piano Sustain pedal!

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"Aaaaahhhhh," she screamed while slamming her hands down on the keyboard. "I can't take it anymore!" Being that this type of behavior is uncharacteristic of my daughter, my attention immediately turned to her. "What's wrong sweetie?" I inquired. "This stupid sustain pedal keeps sliding around," she shouted, "and it's driving me crazy!"

During this rehearsal, I decided to take on the challenge of ending her bobbing up and down behind the keyboard, while flailing her leg underneath the keyboard stand. This behavior, while leading praise and worship at our church's youth services, is very distracting. After scouring the local music store, I found nothing available that addressed this problem. So I tried many things, such as rubberized no skid shelf lining, but none worked very well. At church camp that summer, we did find a sturdy solution. We duct taped a stick across the back of the stand, then duct taped the sustain pedal to the stick. This worked. However, it was bulky, sticky, and looked tacky. After a few months, the stick broke and we were back to square one.

Being a typical mom who hates to see her child unhappy, I had to solve this frustrating, recurring problem of hers. I found her problem was shared by all of the keyboardist I had questioned when looking for solutions. An internet search revealed a few items available to address this problem. One metal bar functioned similarly to the duct taped stick. Another product was a metal bracket that had to be attached to a mat (to be purchased separately). These options appeared to not fit all types of sustain pedals. They were also expensive and bulky. Another item was a rubberized mat much like the shelf lining I had tried previously. It was reasonably priced, but bulky to transport and probably wouldn't work any better than the shelf lining. I found no adequate solution that would be convenient, affordable, lightweight, visually subtle and professional, and universal to any pedal, stand, and height adjustment. After further brain storming, several prototypes, and testing,

 Pedal-Lock was born.

Pedal-lock has Many Advantages!



  • Affordable - Starting at $19.95!
  • Free Shipping - Limited Time Only! (USA only, outside of USA, email us for more details)
  • Lightweight - No heavy, bulky metal or mats to carry around!
  • Convenient - No need to dismantle and reinstall with every move!
  • Subtle Low Profile Design - Virtually unnoticeable!
  • Adjustable - Change the pedal or position in a second! Fits most keyboard stands up to 34" wide.
  • Expandable - Optional expansion strap gives you extra length to fit most applications up to 70" in width! Click the link below to learn how to measure to see if you need the extention strap!
  • Flexible - Quickly adjust the straps for any keyboard stand height!
  • Multipurpose - Just fold up your keyboard stand with the sustain pedal still attached to the Pedal-Lock or remove the straps and safely bundle your cords!
  • Bonus Benefit - Pedal-Lock reinforces the strength and stability of the keyboard stand!

Our Guarantee

Pedal-lock is Proudly Born and Bred in the USA!


I believe Pedal-Lock is the best all around solution for sustain pedal slippage. It not only can handle several pedals, it can just be folded up with the keyboard stand while the sustain pedal is still attached. It can also be removed and the straps used to safely bundle your cords. A bonus benefit is that it reinforces the strength and stability of the keyboard stand. It has several other applications such as drums, guitar, sewing machinery, power tool pedals, gardening, posters, etc. Whatever you can think up!

I am sure you will be happy with Pedal-Lock. However, if you are not pleased with Pedal-Lock after using it for 30 days, you may mail it back for a full refund of your purchase price. A statement of your reason for dissatisfaction would be appreciated.

Thank you for purchasing and recommending it to everyone. Feel free to email us your comments, testimonials with your band's links, and other possible uses for Pedal-Lock. Thank you again.

---Trolene P. Dodd

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