Pedal-Lock Stops Your Pedals From Slipping

Introducing The All-New Pedal-Lock

Tired of your sustain pedal slipping? Tired of the chase, frustration, stress, headaches, missed notes or worse? Then you need Pedal-Lock. Pedal-Lock stops sustain pedal slippage in its tracks.

  • Affordable - Just $19.95 and nothing else to buy!
  • Lightweight - No heavy, bulky metal or mats to carry around!
  • Convenient - No need to dismantle and reinstall with every move!
  • Subtle Low Profile Design - Virtually unnoticeable!
  • Adjustable - Change the pedal or position in a second! Fits most keyboard stands up to 34" wide.
  • Expandable - Optional expansion strap gives you extra length to fit most applications up to 70" in width!
  • Flexible - Quickly adjust the straps for any keyboard stand height!
  • Multipurpose - Just fold up your keyboard stand with the sustain pedal still attached to the Pedal-Lock or remove the straps and safely bundle your cords!
  • Bonus Benefit - Pedal-Lock reinforces the strength and stability of the keyboard stand!
Pedal-Lock installed on a keyboard stand. Pedal holder. Stops pedal creep.Pedal-Lock installation is quick and easy.Pedal-Lock can be installed on a wider keyboard stand and sewing machines with the extension strap.
Pedal-Lock can stop your sewing machine control pedal from sliding away from you.Pedal holder. Pedal-Lock works on steel guitar pedals. Stops pedal creep.

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*** 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee ***

If at any time within the first 30 days after your purchase you are unhappy with your Pedal-Lock, return it for a full refund of the purchase price. Please contact us using our Contact form and we will provide return shipping instructions. The only thing we ask is that you tell us why you were unhappy with Pedal-Lock.

Pedal-Lock Has Many Applications...

  • Keyboard Sustain Pedals
  • Guitar Effects Pedals
  • Steel Guitar Pedals
  • Drum Pedals
  • Sewing Machine Pedals
  • Power Tool Pedals
  • And More!
Pedal-Lock Pedal Holder Patent Pending Stops Pedal Slip Pedal Creep